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Does your enterprise need to optimize the cost, sourcing or structure of its legal services? Do you want to identify and implement new tools to improve your law department operations? Are you a General Counsel, CFO, CEO or Director who wants to assess how well your enterprise's actual legal functions and expenses are matched to its risk profile?

If so, a Right-Tasking consultation will quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively help you achieve those objectives.

We also have extensive experience working with law firm partners and associates, as well as in-house counsel, who are exploring their options for their "next steps." We provide an independent perspective on navigating their career paths, with a particular focus on evolving and emerging platforms and models for delivering legal services.

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Jim Boeckman's experiences with managing law department operations and sourcing legal services during 22 years in-house and at large law firms led him to create a consulting practice focused on working collaboratively with Chief Legal Officers, General Counsels and law department leaders to help them boost the value of their legal spend.

Jim has first-hand experience with the challenges that law department leaders face in managing the delivery of legal services, mitigating risks, and measuring the ROI on legal expenses – including plenty of "lessons learned."

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