In about 10 minutes, you can create a downloadable chart that will visually represent how your internal and external legal expenses are aligned with your most important value creation and risk mitigation opportunities and needs. The chart will be suitable for discussion with your law department colleagues, C-suite executives or Board of Directors, or simply for your own self-evaluation and brainstorming.

Note: This tool is optimized for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If you are using Internet Explorer, please forward your data to us ( and we will create the chart for you.

Step 1: Fill in the demographic information – your name, title and email, as well as three basic pieces of information about your company. If you are answering with respect to a division or branch of a larger enterprise, enter the data for your division/branch.

Step 2: Estimate your legal spend in each of the ten designated task categories. This is a self-assessment and visualization tool, so guesstimates are fine. Use whole numbers, from 1% to 99%.

Step 3: For each task category, use the drop down menu to indicate, on a scale of 1 to 10, the likelihood that a significant legal issue (a lawsuit, investigation, or other event outside the ordinary course of your business) related to that task category will arise in the next twelve months.

Step 4: For each task category, use the drop down menu to indicate, on a scale of 1 to 10, the likelihood that such an issue, if it did occur, would have a material adverse effect on your enterprise.

Step 5: Click "Save" to create and save a chart summarizing your answers.

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Company name:
Job title:
Company size (revenue):
Headquarters location:

Task category
Estimated Percentage of Internal and External Legal Expenses
Risk Occurrence Probability

(scale of 1-­10)
Enterprise Risk Factor

(scale of 1-­10)
General corporate: Board secretary, Board meetings, senior executive contracts and compensation, investor relations, SEC and stock exchange filings (if applicable), subsidiaries' books and records
Intellectual property (patents, copyrights, trademarks, domain name issues, etc.)
Human resources (employee manuals and forms, terminations, investigations, litigation, etc.)
Employee benefits (ERISA, 401k, pension plans, stock options, etc.)
Customer transactions
Business partner tranactions (non-­vendors -­ distributors, strategic partners, etc.)
Vendor transactions, facilities, information technology and other general corporate support
Disputes and litigation (non-­HR)
Ethics, compliance and preventive law (training, hotlines, FCPA, etc.)
Financings, joint ventures, acquisitions, divestitures and other strategic transactions
  Total Entered:
should = 100
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