Right-Tasking Express - Examples

Right-Tasking Express is an accelerated Right-Tasking engagement that will be custom-designed to provide high-value deliverables for key enterprise events. The deliverables will enable leadership teams to collaboratively focus on the key requirements and priorities for the enterprise's legal support.

Event: Deliverables:
Assessing the legal risk mitigation and support requirements of an early stage enterprise. A comprehensive appraisal of the major legal issues that the enterprise is likely to face in its next phases of growth, and options for managing those issues. This will assure the Board and senior management that long-term needs will be addressed at appropriate times as the enterprise grows.
Hiring the enterprise's first, or a new, Chief Legal Officer or General Counsel, or other senior Legal Department member. Customized job specifications. This will facilitate efficient search and interview processes.
Rapidly re-aligning the Legal Department in support of a corporate reorganization, merger, acquisition or similar event. Functional requirements and organizational options for the Legal Department. This will facilitate successful re-alignment.
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